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Tovek is an Acronym for Track, Organise,
and Visualise Elements of Knowledge

Our mission is to help our customers to FIND, UNDERSTAND and USE information available in growing number of disparate data sources and to be the leader in the area.
Tovek History

We’ve been working hard to enable you to make the right decisions, save time and money, protect your business and assets.

Three decades of experience, a unique software platform for retrieval, analysis and automated processing of information from any data source.

Our Awards
IT product of the year

Tovek Web Client 7.3.1 (advanced to the finals)

IT product of the year

Tovek Tools 7.7 Analyst Pack

Best Case Study

“Expensive Analyst in the Role of a Researcher“ which deals with solutions for risk assessment in the provision of financial products.

Best Case Study

TOVEK Analytical Tools for the COVID-19 Central Management Team.

Best Case Study

“Everyone has their Secrets” describes the deployment of an analytical system to assess personnel risks.

IT Product Of The Year

Tovek Voice Analysis version 2.0.

IT Product Of The Year

Tovek GDPR Tools.

Prize For Innovation

Using Tovek speech analytics in the innogy contact centre.

Our Customer Fields

Serving a Range of Sectors

Commercial Customers

Applications Areas

  • Sales and marketing
  • Voice of the customer analysis
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Customer intelligence
  • Media monitoring
  • Fraud investigation
  • Risk management and AML
  • Cybersecurity
  • Compliance (Legal, GDPR)
  • Supply chain security
  • Knowledge management
  • Facility management
  • Human resources

Typical customers

  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Investment groups
  • Utilities
  • Information providers
  • Contact centers

Government Customers

Applications Areas

  • Investigation
    1. Organized crime
    2. Drug trade
    3. Tax evasion
    4. Money launderings
  • Intelligence
    1. Military mission support
    2. Counter terrorism
    3. Hybrid warfare
  • National security
    1. Personnel security
    2. Critical infrastructure security
    3. Cyber security

Typical Customers

  • Intelligence services
  • Specialized police and law enforcement units
  • National security and cybersecurity agencies
  • Ministries (finance, interior, defense, foreign affairs)
Our Partners

Joining Forces for Success

and Unlocking New Opportunities

With 30 years of experience, mh Service is one of today’s leading providers of services and products related to IT, mobile phone and audio-visual forensics, and Europe’s only supplier with their own hardware development and manufacturing departments.

Digital forensic carries out forensic investigations as a service in regulatory procedures; resells reliable forensic software and hardware; designs and operates forensic labs and provides trainings of forensic experts.


Grivas SA is one of the longest estabilished Greek IT companies operating in the Greek market since 1982. Grivas SA provide integrated solutions in the field of information technology, including software for intelligence, performance analysis, telecommunications and networks, enhanced security and hardware infrastructure.

Interdiligence is a business risk consulting company specializing in competitive intelligence, litigation, forensic audits, strategic analysis, and governmental affairs. We offer high-end, sought after advice and solutions to an array of domestic and international clients – ranging from start-ups to large multinational companies across Europe.

Aliter's innovative solutions are driven by your requirements instead of the features of individual technologies. The solutions are optimized to maximize the return on your investment. Everything we do is based on our company motto aliter (Latin for “doing things differently”). Thanks to this approach Aliter has been able to define and defend our place among the well-known IT and technological companies.

Combain is a world-leading provider of geolocation services for connected IoT devices, offering precise indoor and outdoor positioning. With a focus on innovation, Combain serves leading mobile network operators, national security agencies, tracking devices, and IoT device manufacturers globally.

Our Values

Our View on Partnership

We are providing unique values
Unified, secure and fast access to any data relevant to a mission or area of interest using Hybrid Data Fusion, based on advanced NLP and ML algorithms.
Accurate and complete information retrieval using Active Knowledge Maps, based on mind map-like representation of knowledge on how to identify the information about a subject or topic of interest in different data and languages.
Effective production of valid, clear and timely outputs for decision-making and secure cooperation, using Visual Knowledge Discovery and information-sharing features.
Distributed architecture including a desktop part for standalone analytics, an optional number of servers and web clients. You can get started cheaply and quickly just with the powerful desktop. You can gradually add data sources, performance and users.
The security of investment and business relationship. 30 years on the market, original software development, strong business focus and loyal customer base, Czech private company with no hidden interests or influence.
Technical support and regular software update releases.
Flexible approach to the client’s needs.

Become a Trusted Partner

in delivering such solutions to your clients.

Fill out the partnership application form with the required information, including your contact details, business name, and a brief description of your company.

By submitting and sending this form you agree to our Personal data protection .


Our partnership team will review your application and get in touch with you within a specified timeframe.
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Frequently asked questions

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Becoming a partner

Start with a first step to
Become a Partner

While specific requirements may vary depending on your location and the nature of the partnership, some general requirements may include:

A registered business entity or valid business license. Experience in the industry related to our products. Financial stability and a good credit history. Please note that meeting these requirements does not guarantee partnership approval, as each application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


  1. Tovek Training Centre - you can take part in training at our training center in Prague, Czech Republic. It is a practical training, where each student has his computer and the trainer helps each student individually. A class has a maximum of 10 students.

  2. Online classes - you can take part in training at home by connecting to online lessons. This is practical training on computers located in our training center, where the trainer helps each student individually. A class has a maximum of 10 students.

  3. Tovek Academy Online (TAO) - an internet platform where you can study what and when you wish.
  1. Product training - Tovek Tools and Tovek Server product trainings take 5 days. When purchasing licenses, the customer gets for each purchased license training for one person free.

  2. Update training - With every new version, we offer an update product training. This training typically takes one or two days.

  3. Application training - We offer application training on request.

Tovek Academy Online is an internet learning platform with three sections:

  1. For demo licenses - Tovek Tools and Tovek Server product trainings take 5 days. When purchasing licenses, the customer gets for each purchased license training for one person free.

  2. For users - With every new version, we offer an update product training. This training typically takes one to two days.

  3. For partners - You can access all three sections.Please, be aware, that you are obliged to secure, that no unauthorized person has your credentials, as this would be in conflict with our nondisclosure agreement.If you need someone to have access to TAO, please request a demo or users credentials.

Software licences

You can purchase the software with unlimited time license or you can rent it with one year time limited license. In case of a Demo license, the customer will receive a short time limited license.

  1. By email-delivered license file (only for time-limited licenses).

  2. On a protected USB dongle.

  3. By a license file protected by hardware print and delivered by email.

Demo licences

TOVEK is offering a Tovek Tools Analyst Pack Demo license based on qualified interest together with access to the Tovek Academy Online, where you can get the elementary knowledge needed to test Tovek Tools Analyst Pack on our demo data or/and learn how to index the data on your computer. The standard trial period is 1 month.

  1. Paid PoC – we can offer a comprehensive Proof of Concept, where we implement all data for the price of the implementation work. When satisfied with the outcome, the customer can purchase the licenses.

  2. The customer can share with us the data or the data sample and we will index it in TOVEK. We will provide a demo license to Tovek Tools Analyst Pack and the access to the customer data or data samples indexed by Tovek Server.

We will provide a limited time access to our Demo Tovek Web Client, where the customer can test it with its data or data sample.

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