Key Features

Anything Anywhere

The platform allows simultaneous searching of completely different data and at the same time the gradual creation of knowledge on how to search this data for any information related to the subject of interest (person, organization, thing, place, event).

Using Hybrid Data Fusion (HDF) to search different data sources simultaneously. HDF creates analytical indexes containing textual data content enriched with entities recognized by various methods including AI, relationships contained in structured data and other metadata needed for advanced search and analysis.

Using rich Tovek Query Language (TQL)  to create any search criteria in any data. TQL allows information retrieval to be precisely defined using keywords, attributes, recognized entities or sentiments, locations, and any other identifiers that are specific to the data source and language.

Using Active Knowledge Maps (AKM), which allow to combine knowledge about the subject of interest with the knowledge of how to apply the Tovek Query Language to search and categorize related information. AKM consists of a semantic layer (mind map mode), document language layer (keywords) and query language layer (search conditions).

What You Found

The platform allows analysts as well as common users to quickly navigate through search results and quickly find useful or hidden connections (find the needle in haystack and connecting dots).

Summarization, Context and Content Analysis, Categorization, Smart Filtering

You can instantly view your search results in different contexts in the forms of:

Different type of graph showing the number of results by date, source, names of people, names of places, etc.

Context matrix or map showing the number of docments in which different combinations of selected topics, people, places, etc. occur simultaneously (InfoRating).

Keyword map that represents automatically recognized topics (Harvester).

Layout on the selected map base.

Results matrix that can be sorted and clustered by any attribute.

Visual Knowledge Discovery

You can easily visualize and explore your search results.

Expand by links defined in structured data source.

Expand by query represented by defined result label (name), free text or related topic.

Expand by automatically recognized entities (names, places, topics, etc.).

Identify key nodes using social network analysis.

Merge results based on similarity or duplicity.

Information For Action

The platform enables the efficient creation of different types of information outputs to support all typical phases of the decision cycle:

Stay informed about new information in selected data sources related to your responsibility, goal or interest which can be simply a person or organization or a complex topic (KIT, KIQ)  described as Active Knowledge Map.

The results can be provided as:

Dashboards delivered by Tovek Web Client.

Alerts delivered by e-mail or mobile.

Messages delivered by any integrated system.


Get a context to a new information or to information found based on search about a topic of interest (keyword, name, person, organization, thing, place, event).

The results can have a form of a search result with different type of context generated:

Content analysis – keyword map representing topics described by the content.

Context analysis – matrix or map representing relevance to defined topics.

Summaries – diagrams or tables based on selected metadata or recognized entities.


Get all available information useful to answer typical questions related to a situation: who, what, when, where, why, how. Extract and visualize key facts providing a holistic view and allowing to draw some conclusions or hypothesis.

This is typically represented in form of:

Link charts

Transactions in time

Locations on maps


Deliver actionable knowledge needed for somebody to make a decision or to perform a task.

There is many possibilities how export and communicate this information but the most often form is:

Interactive charts shoving relations of relevant actors, things, places and events.

Interactive contextual research of necessary documents or data records.

Structured reports with the summary of key facts and recommendations.

Multisource Data Processing

The platform allows you to automate many tasks related to data collection from various internal and external data sources and to prepare them for searching, analysis and selective distribution.
Hybrid Data Fusion

Analytical indexing and data enrichment (entity, topic and sentiment recognition) based on exact rules or AI models by Tovek Server.

Automatic Data Collection

From internet sources such as online media and social networks, e-shops, online auctions, bazaars and registries by Tovek Collector.

Assisted Information Collection

From typical OSINT resources such as search engines, black lists, company databases and various free or commercial services by Tovek Finder.

Knowledge Easily & Securely

The platform enables the creation, storage and sharing of knowledge needed to search for information on key areas of interest or targets (Key Intelligence Topics / Questions).

Information and knowledge created by disconnected but cooperating teams can be shared online or offline in a secure and fully controlled way (Coordinated Analysis and Sharing of Information).

By means of:
Knowledge Base

Expert queries including structured knowledge of the topic and knowledge of identifiers useful to find specific information in specific data or language.

Shared Projects

Complete set of queries, charts and information related to a decision, mission or key area.

Discovery Base

Analytical indexes with object including information extracted from data sources available to different owners and linked using knowledge of different analysts.

Without HW Limits

The platform offers powerful tools for the work of independent analytics and tools for creating centralized or distributed solutions.
Scaling Performance

The number of data sources and the volume of data can be expanded without limit using one or more Tovek Servers and their indexing nodes.

Lonely Analyst

The great advantage of the Tovek platform is the existence of a powerful desktop solution Tovek Tools.

Hybrid Data Fusion

The number of common users can be unlimitedly expanded with the Tovek Web Client and the search performance by the number of search nodes.

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