Original software solution for creating
actionable knowledge from disparate,
multi-source data sources
Tovek Products

Have Been Developed Based on 30 years of Experience

With the needs of analysts in the investigation, intelligence, and security community.
However, it can be used anywhere there is a need to quickly get a value hidden in multisource data.
It allows you very effectively to:

Collect or monitor

Information from various external & internal data sources (structured, unstructured, multimedia) – provide single point of access to any relevant data.

Search, analyze, compare, link and visualize

Collected or monitored information in unified and original way – save the time for searching in favor of time for sense making.

Create information outputs or services

Sharing information and knowledge from experts to common users - provide valid, clear and timely information for tasks and decisions.

Tovek Intelligence Platform Has a Simple and Scalable Architecture

Tovek Tools

Desktop application for analysts

Tovek Collector and Finder

Services for information collection from OSINT sources

Tovek Server

Server application for organization or cooperating teams

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