Tovek Server

Server Solution
for Teams
and Automation

When you need more power
and control over your data
Tovek Server

It Can Be Used in Cloud or On-Premise

It automates processing of big data repositories or multi-source data feeds to enable advanced search, analysis and visualization using various techniques including Artificial Intelligence.

It enables to share advanced search and visualization features in any available data sources via desktop Tovek Server Client for analysts or via Tovek Web Client for common users.

Key Benefits

You Won’t Miss Anything Critical

With our advanced profiling of new data on a regular or real-time basis.
Key Benefits

Save Time for Searching Information

In large amounts of disparate data stored in different locations and systems in your organization (grey data).
Find the Information

With one query, no matter where it is located in the organization.

Uncover Unexpected Connections

By displaying the context in relationship diagram or on a chart.

View Document Content

With highlighting searched words, recognized categories and extracted entities.

Key Benefits

Share the Knowledge of Company Analysts

With common users in the form of interactive dashboards a relationship diagrams for:

Media monitoring, competitors monitoring, market analysis.

Planning and Strategy

Alerting on threats and opportunities.

Corporate Communications

Monitoring media and influencer groups.


Monitoring key customers and suppliers.


A virtual library of manufacturing documentation.

Customer Support

With highlighting searched words, recognized categories and extracted entities.

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